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The world of web analytics is evolving, however, and despite being considered one of the most effective in making strategic decisions, more than 80% of companies using web analytics today are not getting the real value of migrating to a new platform for e-marketing. At Panorama we can help you implement this new platform of e-Marketing.

Web analytics is an environment that helps marketing professionals better understand their investments and results in online marketing campaigns. By using web analytics, online marketing will be able to develop new areas to help better meet their customers and their behavior.

Panorama recommended solution market leader in web analytics, Webtrends that will measure and learn about the needs of our customers, answers, and browsing profiles that will be useful for strategic decisions such as:

  • Launching new products or services.
  • Optimizing customer relationships.
  • Strengthening corporate image.
How does web analytics?

Web analytics is a three steps process:

  • Collection of the activity of our Web servers.
  • Analysis of relevant data.
  • Reporting using the information collected.