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Client Management Suite combines the necessary tools that help you deploy, manage, secure, and troubleshoot your desktop computers and laptop computers throughout their entire lifecycle.

The solutions that are part of the Client Management Suite help you discover the resources in your network and let you check their state. The reporting tools help you identify problems and take immediate action to fix them. Client Management Suite lets you automate time-consuming and redundant tasks to reduce the effort of managing your client systems
Client Managament Suite

Client Managament Suite

Client Management Suite is a collection of solutions that run on the Symantec Management Platform. The platform and solutions of the Client Management Suite provide the following key features:

  • Discovery and inventory: The suite lets you gather comprehensive inventory of all hardware and software on your client systems. The collected inventory data helps you optimize software licenses and reduce the costs that are associated with operating system deployments and software rollouts
  • Imaging and deployment: The suite lets you deploy standardized and hardware-independent images on your managed computers. You can migrate to the latest operating system or hardware with fewer interruptions to users.
  • Software distribution and patch management: The suite lets you control the software configurations of your client systems. The automated policies for software and patch management help you distribute the latest software and operating system updates. Software management capabilities let you ensure that the required software remains installed, is in a working state, and is correctly configured on the client systems.
  • Remote Management: The suite lets you troubleshoot and remediate client computers remotely. You can remote control your client systems with pcAnywhere technology or use Real-Time System Manager techniques to fix the problems of users.