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Server Management Suite combines the essential tools that help you effectively manage your physical servers and virtual servers, reduce service interruptions, and increase uptime.

Server Management Suite incorporates a variety of wizards and other features that let you automate configuration, stage tasks, and create policies to manage your servers. Various graphical reports let you quickly identify the health of your environment, pinpoint problems, and analyze trends. Expanded support for virtual technologies simplifies the management of multiple operating system environments.
Server Management Suite

Server Management Suite

Some of the key features of Server Management Suite:

  • Cross platform Support: Allows organizations to centrally manage Windows, Linux, UNIX and virtual platforms.
  • Centralized management for greater control: Provides a global view of IT combined with the ability to model organizational responsibilities.
  • Integrated virtual machine management: Provides support for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • Understanding what you have and where it is: Enables accurate discovery and inventory of hardware and software configurations.
  • Measured and improved IT performance: Easily creates advanced analytics and reporting that allow you to explore data and answer standard and ad hoc scenarios.
  • Automated IT processes: Defines, designs, and delivers automated IT processes and workflows that drive increased efficiency, increased end user satisfaction and better service levels.
  • Enabled End-user Self-service: Empowers the end user to quickly access IT support and initiate their own service requests, resulting in significant IT efficiency gains.