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Asset Management Suite provides a management console, a database environment, and a suite of solutions that let you track assets and asset-related information. The suite includes Asset Management Solution, Barcode Solution, and CMDB Solution. Asset Management Suite specializes in tracking IT-related assets, such as computers and software. You can also use it to track other types of assets, such as furniture and company cars.
Asset Managament Suite

Asset Managament Suite

In association with assets, you can record and track many types of documents and documented details. For example, you can track lease schedules, NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), SLAs (Service Level Agreements), and warranty information. Contracts and contract details can be associated with assets so that you can easily view the contractual information that is related to specific assets. You can also configure the software so that it notifies you of the upcoming actions that are specified in a contract.
You can use the Symantec Management Console to view the value of an asset or a group of assets. You can use it to view the department, cost center, and user that is assigned to an asset. You can use it to improve your ability to allocate software and hardware costs to specific users and departments. You can also use it to keep track of software license details so that you avoid paying for the licenses that you do not need.
De forma adicional Asset Management Suite está alineada con el estándar ITIL , lo cual nos permite estar alineados con los estándares IT