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Symantec’s Master Specialization Program launched in April 2011. It requires Master pecialists to meet strict standards of high quality consulting services when delivering to their customers.

Master Specialists provide consulting expertise, product knowledge and process discipline to help their customers advance the security and management of their information-driven enterprise and work to increase return on Symantec products. Some key benefits of work with Master Specialist:

  • Enabled:Master Specialists have been enabled to Symantec’s high standards, attending regular technical training and deep dive sessions to ensure they have the latest knowledge of Symantec’s products. Master Specialists have access to the highest level of intellectual property (IP) around Symantec’s tools. This level of IP, is only usually permitted for use by Symantec employees, however Master Specialization Members now have access to this information.
  • Accredited:Master Specialists have proven technical expertise through employing a minimum of 2 Authorized Symantec Consultants (ASC’s) per specialization. To become an ASC, the consultant must pass the ASC exam for their chosen specialization, as well as holding various Symantec Technical Specialist (STS) accreditations.
  • Assessed:Master Specialists must pass a stringent Technical Assessment, carried out by Symantec’s most competent Technical Specialists, to ensure their understanding and expertise with Symantec’s tools and products.
  • Audited:Symantec continually monitor and audit Master Specialists to ensure their service delivery capability remains at the highest standard. Customer Satisfaction is paramount to the Master Specialization Program, and as such Symantec conducts regular surveys to monitor Master Specialists’ performance
  • Supported:Master Specialists have Priority Access to Symantec Technical Support, ensuring a swift response should an issue arise during a consultancy engagement.
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