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Delivering the Customer Experience

SAP Web Channel Experience Management is a comprehensive, unified platform for eCommerce,

eMarketing and eService that seamlessly integrates with SAP CRM, or SAP ERP backend systems,

providing an end-to-end web experience built on SAP. A nimble solution that meets needs across the

organization, SAP Web Channel Experience Management ensures an excellent online experience that

expands market reach and engages customers.


However, in order to optimize business value from their SAP solutions, companies need to understand,

measure and segment their online users’ behaviors over time to continually improve the user experience and

gain a return on investment. Webtrends for SAP Web Channel Experience Management delivers detailed

insights into campaign effectiveness, commerce results, and shopping cart and customer support

scenarios, with easy implementation seamlessly integrated into the SAP experience.


Quick Time to Value

Available within the SAP EcoHub solutions marketplace, the jointly developed SAP-certified module for SAP

Web Channel Experience Management enables advanced analytics designed specifically for the SAP

platform. Implemented within in just a few clicks, it provides robust web channel insights in a highly visual,

infographic-style data presentation.


Actionable Insights

Webtrends for SAP is built on the award-winning Webtrends Analytics 10 On Demand Software-as-aService (SaaS) platform. It provides powerful analytics across digital channels based on data collected

through a variety of means including tags, feeds, APIs and public data. The extensible data model enables

advanced segmentation, visitor scoring and integration with SAP CRM and SAP Business Objects for

advanced business intelligence.

Webtrends Advanced Analytics for SAP offers:

Insight into SAP Web Channel Experience Management – traffic, content, conversion processes,

commerce, customer service workflow, and more

• Comprehensive out-of-the-box reports, with custom reporting available to extend and personalize

the insights

Seamless deployment in minutes

Easy-to-add module from the SAP EcoHub solutions marketplace


Cost effective and Easy

As a cloud-based, on-demand SaaS solution, Webtrends for SAP Web Channel Experience Management

automates the collection and analysis of data throughout your web environment to minimize the impact on

your development and IT staff. No additional hardware or software is required.